About Business

Yuna is the improvement specialist research laboratory environment.

SAFEZON is a research lab as safe keepers siyakjang safety, safety bench, total brand reagent racks and safety. Yuna technology developed by the Institute siyakjang bench and has been certified as a high performance product that can withstand the test conducted by the Korea Institute of Machinery in seismic intensity 7 degrees or more for the first time in Korea.

In addition, all products in the Safe Zone are involved in the research laboratory environment improvement projects, such as government procurement contracts are important items in the selected government-funded research, the main gukgongripdae, Pohang Works and Gwangyang Works facility.

1998  Founded in YUNA
2001  Yuna Incorporated
2009  SAFEZON Technology Development Institute places
2010  Including a total of five patents registered
        (patented one thing, utility model one thing, one thing, the test report 2 cases registered trademarks)
        ISO, INNOBIZ, gun marks, PPS excellent products, Small Business Administration certified performance, promising small
2013  Safe Zone Research Institute
        (Daedeok Research and Development Special Zone Industrial scheduled just prior to stretching)
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  • CEO: Yoon, YoonHa Business Registration Number: 305-81-50118 EMAIL:yoonacall@hanmail.net